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These photographs were taken during a two week tour from Calgary to Vancouver in July 2008.

The links below lead to web spaces where you can view immersive and interactive Panoramas, Gigapan hi-resolution images and 3-Dimensional Photosynths.

Canadian Rockies & British Columbia - a slideshow of full screen panoramic views.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada - an interactive panorama with pan and zoom features.

Gigapans from the Canadian Rockies

Clayoquot Sound, Torfino, BC, Canada - View in Google Earth (click Enter Panorama link or Gigapan Icon on the map).

Photosynths - Play with 3D like reconstructions from multiple images (Windows only, NOT MAC)

Immersive Video - 360 degree video demo.

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Lake Louise, Canadian RockiesKinney Lake, Mount Robson Park, British Columbia[2] Canada08, 2008 Jul 23, 5 images, _DSC4463 - _DSC4467 - 15114x4380 - CCUL-Smartblend[12]-_DSC5141__DSC5146Vancouver Island, Beach Scene[1] Canada08, 2008 Jul 23, 4 images, _DSC4480 - _DSC4483 - 12166x3438 - SCUL-Smartblend[1] Canada08, 2008 Jul 29, 2 images, _DSC5376 - _DSC5377 - 6867x2521 - CCUL-SmartblendBow Lake, Alberta, CanadaClayoquot Sound, Torfino, British Columbia[2] Canada08, 2008 Jul 29, 3 images, _DSC5398 - _DSC5400 - 9696x3849 - SCUL-Smartblend